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Aditi tells a different person what to draw, bother her Belly dancer and orders others. Still she today offended me for saying that Aditi did not give credits.

stolen: Aditi and KenshiBy Karolina Zarzeccka.. by aditikenshi

:original artist:KenshixAditi  (c) :iconraymccall-erronblack:

unfortunately I could not find other jobs because she has private accounts. if there are screenshots, they can send it to me

better block her not to steal from work or insult you

look i got today in the morning :

Screenshot 2018-04-10-06-30-01 by xXGladeguardianartXx Screenshot 2018-04-10-06-56-07 by xXGladeguardianartXx

today, I politely told her that she gave credit, she insulted me with these words. what a man behaves like that, if she insults me again then I will report her to her
sailorasteroidheart Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Here's a tip, try to hack into her account. If you are sucessful, deacivate it. That was my sister's advice when the cupcakeheadfan girl was putting beautiful art in the folder "worst shitty cringe"
LaughingPumpkinPunch Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Only assholes do that. Try something realistic.
cateye007 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018
Jeez...and she just throws around curse words in her comments like even she doesn't even know what shes saying. >~<;;

I will say though, you should have already reported her by now, since it was stolen art.
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